IoT Energy Management Solution

Efficient, customizable and easy to implement.

Energy Save is a highly customizable IoT Energy Management Solution providing industry specific functional solutions for Monitoring, Reporting and Control and Automation. In addition, our IoT Energy Management Solution is designed and engineered to provide analysis of operational data, automated alerts and alarming, system events meeting application and operational requirements.

Energy Save, by Dida Mind was attributed the “Solar Impulse Efficient Solution” Label following an assessment performed by external independent experts and based on verified standards. It is thereby joining the #1000solutions challenge, an initiative by the Solar Impulse Foundation to select solutions that meet high standards in profitability and sustainability and present them to decision-makers to fast-track their implementation.

Measure, Monitor and Manage your energy consumption

IoT Energy Management Solution

Smart Reporting

Our solution provides an automated hourly, daily and monthly customisable reports on energy consumption. This helps you to remotely identify issues and reduce maintenance costs.

Power Quality Monitoring

Our solution helps to identify power quality problems like voltage sags and swells. Also the intelligence control will helps to reduce downtime and improve energy efficiency.

Demand Monitoring and Control

Our solution helps you to greatly reduce the chances of incurring costly critical peak charges from your power provider which lowers your monthly bills.

How Energy Save helps me in saving costs and energy?

Our solution predicts and sends alerts before parameters cross thresholds which charge you penalties. Besides the continuously monitoring of energy usage enables a better plan production cycles and determine energy wastage. Furthermore the significant benefit of continuous monitoring is to check total harmonic distortion and it’s impact on your machinery. Moreover, Energy Save harnesses this data by monitoring it continuously using predictive analysis to inform users before important thresholds are crossed. This enables users to take preventive action resulting in lower electricity bills.

Our IoT Energy Management Solution.

The biggest challenge every industry faces is the Effective use of Energy. As a matter of fact, electrical Energy consumption is one of the largest factors affecting your profitability of your business. In effect, maintenance costs can be difficult to reduce without upsetting the delicate balance between product quality and process reliability. As a result, our IoT Energy Management Solution acts as a system that help to reduce the energy costs. So, it is easier than you may think as Energy Save makes it possible with its User friendly Interface.

Microgrid for Optimum Power Consumption

Energy Save enables the creation of microgrids that supply locally produced electricity to a facility. you can create microgrids to suffice your energy needs Instead of depending on the main electricity grid.

Facilities’ Efficiency Improvement

An easy way to automatically retrieve and analyze power quality. Unlike traditional energy management systems, it extracts the real-time energy consumption from your plant and provides you with useful data points on your mobile and PC.

Digital Twinning of Equipment

Collect of energy consumption parameters such as voltage and amperes for equipment or machines and used for its digital twinning. You can use this virtual mapping to analyze its efficiency, condition, and the real-time status.

A Smart IoT Energy Management Solution.

    Studies shows that industrial energy efficiency is improved most when people have a stake in success. Energy Save encourages energy efficient behavior and supports cost accounting by accurately allocating energy overhead to different user groups or processes. You’ll discover where and when energy is consumed and you’ll be able to motivate employees to meet corporate energy cost reduction goals.

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