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Energy Save

A smarter energy future starts here

Intelligent solution for optimal energy consumption

keep your energy costs under control.

What Energy Save can do for you.

Energy Save is designed to help businesses optimize their energy consumption, reduce costs, and minimize their environmental impact. We offer a full range of services, from real-time monitoring to renewable energy management to optimizing consumption through AI and machine learning.

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Collaborative and intuitive tool

To start, create an energy and electrical audit system, in a continuous and simple form. Finally, and implement actions that will reduce the energy cost.

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Predictive Maintenance

Our software allows you to predict possible penalties for excess power or reactive consumption and eliminate them from your electrical bill.

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Personal Reporting

We can export your data at any time. This allows you, for example, to carry out statistical studies or to cross-reference your data with other information.

Solar impulse

Save energy, save money

The only labelled solution in Tunisia and Africa

Our innovative energy management solution has been labeled by Solar Impulse, an international reference in innovation and sustainable development. This label is the recognition of the efficiency and performance of our solution in intelligent energy management.

Energy Save is the only labelled solution in the field of energy in Tunisia and in Africa, which testifies to our expertise and our commitment to sustainable development.

Choosing Energy Save means opting for intelligent energy management with an internationally certified solution and a team of experts at your side.

A sustainable future

Our energy expertise at your service

Installation professionnelle

Nos experts peuvent installer le système pour vous de manière professionnelle, en veillant à ce qu'il fonctionne de manière optimale.

Full training

We offer comprehensive training on how to use the system, so you can use it effectively and maximize its benefits.

Maintenance services

We provide maintenance and repair services to ensure your system is operating optimally and any issues are resolved quickly.


Technological innovation

Energy efficiency at your fingertips through
our intelligent system

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  • Efficient, customizable and easy to implement.

    Energy Save by Dida Mind has been awarded the "Solar Impulse Efficient Solution" label following an evaluation by independent experts based on verified standards. It also joins the # 1000solutions challenge, an initiative of the Solar Impulse Foundation to select solutions that meet cost-effective and sustainable standards and present them to decision makers to accelerate their implementation..

  • An energy management software to control your energy and to guarantee the continuity of your activity.

    Energy Save is a complete energy management software. It is an energy management system that allows you to obtain information in real time of a great quantity of electrical variables, to have the maximum energetic efficiency on your installations and also to predict possible penalties for excess power or reactive consumption and to eliminate them from your electric bill..

  • Contributing to the environment through effective energy management.

    Energy Save significantly reduces the environmental impact of your business. By optimizing energy consumption and using renewable energy sources, you can reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a more sustainable future.

  • Perform your energy analysis in complete security with our energy management software.

    With the Energy Save solution, you set up your energy analysis and monitoring in a thorough and always serene way. Our energy management software is capable of analyzing and preventing recurring malfunctions thanks to data historization.

  • Benefit from centralized and consolidated monitoring of your energy consumption.

    With the energy management software Energy Save, you can monitor your electricity consumption on a dashboard and identify the consumption by use/workshop in order to plan the necessary actions. You manage your consumption and follow the evolutions with the dashboards generated by our tool.


The solution for measuring all types of energy

Manage all your business energy sources
easily with Energy Save

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