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15 years of experience

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Are you looking for a work environment that values innovation, creativity and the desire to learn?
Looking for visionary colleagues?
Still ready to tackle new challenges?
With a good team cohesion and a remarkable solidarity?
Dida Mind team is varied. It is this diversity of profiles that makes it so rich.
We are always looking for profiles to bring new experiences and perspectives to our company.
Join Dida Mind team if you are looking for a work environment that encourages innovation, creativity and learning

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Why Dida Mind?

Dida Mind uses a recruitment process combining rigour and selectivity, but also ethics and fairness. To this end, particular attention is paid to the hiring selection process, with a view to advancing the integration of excellent potential. So, if you have the ambition to integrate an institution that is among the most innovative players in the sector, which offers its new recruits a path of integration and fulfilling socialization, a high level of supervision and excellent career prospects, Just send in your application.


Hatem Abidi
Ceo & Founder

15 Years of Experience

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We offer you the best job offers. Do not hesitate to submit your application.
Please present us your professional goals and aspirations by sending your CV and cover letter to our page LinkedIn.

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If you are selected to proceed to the next stage of the recruitment process, our HR team will contact you to arrange an interview. We look forward to learning about your skills and how you can contribute to our company.

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