Inventions and Patents?

Innovation and creativity are crucial to achieve the performance required in our knowledge economy. As announced by Mr Abidi Hatem, CEO and founder of Dida Mind, on the inauguration occasion to the new office. In Addition, Dida Mind intends to invest heavily in the area of innovation in the field of robotics, the artificial intelligence and the internet of things. Thus, the company aims not only to increase innovation, but also to play a catalytic role in the ecosystem of innovative companies in Tunisia. Indeed, DidaMind brings together both of knowledge in this field. And the levers necessary for the development and the implementation of various innovative processes and products.

Inventions and Patents

Energy Save.

Supervision, management and energy monitoring system linked to the field of energy management in industrial production unit.. So it allows energy control, industrial performance and efficiency of maintenance . Moreover, the solution comes in the form of an on board system consisting of an electronic box and an IT solution for control and exploitation.

dida mind patent

Explorer robot.

Remote controlled surveillance robot capable of infiltrating and stealthily entering hot, toxic, dangerous and narrow areas. And it is remotely controlled using a joystick. Furthermore it is equipped with a camera to take real time photos or transfer a video. The robot also equipped with a clamp to open doors, cut wires and perform manipulations on objects.

dida mind patent

6 axis educational arm robot.

The invention is related to the field of education more particularly in the disciplines of mechanical and robotic engineering courses. And it brings together a particular set of technological solutions linked to the transformation and transmission of movement. So it is in the form of an educational robot arm 6 axes and a computer solution for programming, operation and simulation of the various resulting movements.

dida mind patent

Elevator trainer didactic 3 levels.

The elevator trainer is composed of a direct current motorized linear axis positioned vertically. And a box containing the power supplies and the control panel. So The control card, incorporated in the system, allows control by PC, programmable logic controller and external card. In addition The control software allows the management of the freight elevator with the possibility of using the operating cycles using the GRAFCET tool and their simulation on the PC screen.

dida mind patent

4-axis educational electro-pneumatic robot.

This invention is a technical system, an electro-pneumatic and electronic solution for control and exploitation. The robot is linked to the educational field and more particularly to automated electro-pneumatic systems courses and commissioning technologies.

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